Public Plenary TONIGHT!

Hello lovelies,

Hopefully you’re enjoying a bit of rest just now and catching up on the fabulous festival activities on our ‘ongoing events’ page. We’ll have more of those soon so keep an eye out!

I wanted to let you know that we’re holding a plenary session tonight for people who attended the festival (as well as a plenary for the authors). This session is basically your chance to give verbal feedback on the festival and also any suggestions you might have for us to take it forward! If you’d like to attend (it’s at 7pm UK time) please email or contact us via Twitter for the Zoom link!

Stay safe x

3 thoughts on “Public Plenary TONIGHT!

  1. Lynden Wade

    I’d love to attend but I’m working until 7.30. I did fill in a questionnaire about it, saying I really enjoyed the 3 events I attended, and really appreciated that they were live rather than video. That was a particularly nice aspect of the writing prompts workshop on Day 1, that we could interact with each other and do the tasks right there and then. I do hope this festival can be repeated, as I could attend events at times that would be impossible IRL due to having to factor in travel time.



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