Accessing the festival

It is our mission to make sure that the Stay-at Home! Festival is as inclusive and user-friendly as possible. All of the Festival’s events will be running on the programme Zoom, which does not itself provide live captioning, but it is able to provide a transcript at the end of each session. With regards to live captioning, we recommend downloading Otter (, a free app providing a voice-activated captioning service that you can run during the live events on our programme. There is a chat facility in Zoom where you can post questions during the Q&A element of each event.

All events are accessed by clicking on the link posted at the end of the event listing on the programme. You do need to sign up to a Zoom package, and there is a handy troubleshooting guide for using Zoom here. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser as this seems to work a little better for certain devices. Your mic will be automatically muted when you join but there is a chat box to facilitate conversation. Please note the virtual room for each event closes ten minutes after the start time.

If you receive ‘403 error’ code when logging in to Zoom, we recommend downloading and installing Zoom from to connect to your meeting. Zoom have reported some common issues with users receiving a ‘403 error’ message and will post further information and updates on shortly.

If you have any feedback or recommendations on how we can improve the Festival’s accessibility services please feel free to get in touch.