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Natacha Dauphin

“Letters From The Wound” is an impressive writing debut from French born author Natacha Dauphin, who now lives in Yorkshire. It is available worldwide through amazon from 27 February 2020. Find it at: ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 .

“Letters From The Wound” is volume 1 of a trilogy written by Natacha under the heading “The Soul Letters You Never Received”. The 3 books paint a healing journey; from acknowledging the wound, believing that ‘Your Healing Balm Is Waiting For You’ (vol II) and having the courage to ‘Show Up…’ (vol III), to enter the arena of your life and vision, no matter what. Appropriately the first book of the trilogy is a reminder that you are OK just as you are and that is it OK and necessary to acknowledge and feel all that your experi- ences are bringing up for you.

Natacha Dauphin is a singer, songwriter, singing therapist, author, player of medicine drums and shruti boxes. She grew up speaking French and English in Provence, France, where most of her family still is. She now lives in York, UK with her partner and cat.
She loves walking in nature, dipping her feet in the sea, drinking coffee, stroking cats, eat- ing fresh figs off the tree. She adores the moon, the scent of flowers, colourful notebooks, receiving and writing letters and … massive hugs.

She strongly dislikes being accused of something she hasn’t said or done, frowns at the smell of fishy fish and at the sight of dodgy politicians. But most of all, she hates being told what to do (apart from when she is feeling very indecisive!!!)
All her creations are an attempt to capture life’s offerings and mysteries as well as a wish to inspire and help others recognise, honour their own inner flame and follow their dreams. She believes in miracles, in creativity and in the power of the human heart.

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