Research Expertise

Founded by Dr Carolyn Jess-Cooke, who publishes fiction as CJ Cooke, in partnership with creative writing incubator, Paper Nations, the Stay-at-Home! Festival both draws upon and forms part of a broader body of research invested in connecting audiences with literature and examining the impact of writing on wellbeing.

The research context and future plans for the festival are outlined in Carolyn’s piece for The Bookseller here.

As well as a creative writing incubator, Paper Nations is a research entity based at Bath Spa University. Our expertise lies in writer-led approaches to learning with a focus on exploration and community. Our research usually involves collaboration, through initiatives such as workshops, events, case studies, mentoring and CPD schemes, and more. This has resulted in the production of The Writers Cycle, a theory of how writers learn and develop their craft. The Stay-at-Home! Literary Festival will contribute to this research.

To help us to gain a better understanding of the impact that the festival has had on individuals and the writing community as a whole, we need you to fill in this survey. The results of this survey will be essential to the success and future sustainability of the festival and will contribute to both the Stay-at-Home! Festival and Paper Nations’ research. 

If you would like to help us ensure the festival can continue for another year, please fill in this survey.

We have also been gathering data about the festival in other forms (including images and video). Further information about how we gather and store this data can be found here.